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Submitted by admin on July 21, 2023
Bioprospecting Ecotourism
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Bambanani Community Farm
Short Description
This Biodiversity Stewardship site is well known for its wide range of bird species and Nguni cattle. Investment is required to develop the site’s livestock and bioprospecting offering to create a sustainable and profitable community programme.


Bambanani seeks to partner with investors and stakeholders in the development of the site’s livestock and bioprospecting offering to create a sustainable and profitable community programme.

Investment Range / ROI

R5 Million - R20 Million 
ROI - 12% p/a

Public or Private Sector

This is a Private Sector Opportunity

Investment Readiness

Environment & Social Impact

• Ecotourism Development
• Job Creation
• Skills Development
• SMME Development
• Socio-economic Development
• Expansion of Protected Areas 


Investment Opportunity at a Glance


Land Ownership and Governance

Land Ownership

Fully Restituted land with title deeds


Governance Structure

Community Property Association
Joint Venture Partnership

Land Size

932 Hectares



Investment Opportunity Assessment

Wildlife Economy

Core Operations

  • Ranching and related value chain


Cattle and goat farming


Core Operations

  • Cultivation & Harvesting


Aviaries, birding and walking trails


Core Operations

  • Ecotourism activities


Community vegetable gardens
Fire wood from forestry plantation

Investment Opportunities


  • Construction of abattoir and tannery with the capacity to process local livestock
  • Working towards the long-term restoration of wetlands
  • Development of site infrastructure to restore wetlands and conserve grassland  
  • Constructing aviary and bird watching hides Design and develop Ecotourism activity hub  with supporting facilities
  • Training, skills development and capacity building


Investment Requirements


Investment Range Required
R5 million - R20 million

Type of Investment Required
Capital Expenditure
Infrastructure Funding
Working Capital

Funding Type for Financial Requirements
Equity, Debt, Grant

Non-Financial Requirements
Technical services
Capacity building

Value Proposition and Enablers


Value Proposition

  • Signed Biodiversity Agreement Site
  • Site is a declared Protected Area
  • The WWF-SA partnership is well established
  • Active client base & commercial activity
  • Unique landscape, biodiversity, ecosystems, and bird stocks
  • Task Team in place, trained to eradicate alien species in the area


Key  Enablers

  • Access-road upgrades and water reticulation, fencing and electrification Infrastructure and facilities for water reticulation
  • Construct an abattoir and tannery with facilities for slaughtering, processing and packaging
  • Training, skills development, and capacity building to expand the skills of staff, management and community members

Business Operations



Primary Customers


Communities and neighbouring towns Local and national market, retail and Afgri partners

Active Business Entities


Bambanani CPA

About this Opportunity


Bambanani Community Farm is situated approximately 30km from Wakkerstroom town in Mpumalanga, the second oldest town in the Province.

The land is owned by the BAMBANANI community representing 64 claimants and their families. The Site is on a 932 hectares area, which increased from 850 hectares through the Biodiversity Stewardship Program. The area is largely grassland and carries livestock and a eucalyptus plantation. It is also a wetland that provides a good habitat for different species and attracts a wide range of rare birds.

The Bambanani CPA has been trained by the WWF-SA in Alien Plant Clearing and Fire Management. The Site has partnered with The Mpumalanga Tourism Agency, Municipality, Birdlife SA and WWF – SA to conserve the area while investments in ecological infrastructure remain a high priority.